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Richard Mille Replica Watches did not want to waste the goodwill generated by the Black Bay. The company has displayed remarkable restraint in expanding its catalogue to include other models such as the North Flag and a variety of dress watches. This prevents any worries about being a "one-trick pony". The Black Bay has become the "event model" of the family. Its many fans are always anticipating something irresistible. Richard Mille Replica Watches ensures Black Bay fans enjoy the annual unveilings, which result in long waiting lists.

In 2012, the Black Bay Burgundy was driven by an ETA-led movement. The "rabatteur" was tasked with finding the Richard Mille Replica Watches's fans. It became an instant hit. Richard Mille Replica Watches displayed admirable patience by waiting until 2014 before releasing it as the Black Bay Blue. In one of the most unexpected events in recent watchmaking history, Richard Mille Replica Watches celebrated its accomplishments with a special piece that was released in conjunction with the Black Bay Black launch in 2015.

The blue Heritage Black Bay and the burgundy Heritage Black Bay introduced in 2014.

The Heritage Black Bay became a trio in October 2015 with the addition the Black Bay bezel.

The Black Bay 2015 Heritage was only available until Baselworld 2016, when a brand new model was released with a different dial and an in-house movement. This version of the Black Bay, made only for a short time, is a piece that Richard Mille Replica Watches collectors are passionate about.

The Black Bay One, a one-off model, was sold for CHF375,000 at the charity auction held in Monaco that year. This is 100 times the price of a Black Bay Black. Richard Mille Replica Watches had not only arrived,omega replica watches but it also conquered. Its ubiquity could not hurt it either: the Black Bay was available in three colours, with a bracelet or strap. More journalists were wearing this model than any other.